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Mihir Lad - Owner

I come from a hard working family of immigrants who came from India and went from nothing to something through pure hard work. I'd be doing them a disservice if I didn't work equally as hard. A few years ago, I graduated with a degree in engineering physics and have continued to work as a full time engineer. However, I knew I wanted to get into the restaurant business and through dumb luck and hard work, got lucky enough to realize those dreams on July 8th, 2021 when I got to open Arth. Although I don't have any business partners in this venture, I wouldn't be where I'm at without the help of mentors, chefs, bartenders, waiters, bussers, so many of my staff, and of course my parents. Countless hours studying, time spent asking questions, and honestly just to keep going no matter how difficult it got, is the resulting essence of my business. Arth Bar and Kitchen is a place where not only do I want to provide a contemporary take on Indian food, but I also want to provide an experience that'll make guests wanting more. From food, drinks, service, ambiance, parties, events, and so much more. I think LA is in a need for an upscale Indian restaurant experience that doesn't sacrifice on its Desi roots, which is what I'm striving to do with Arth. I humbly thank all that have helped me make this possible and a sincere thank you to all guests for coming. Lets keep the positive energy going and here's to continued growth and sustained success

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