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Mihir Lad

I'm an engineer by trade, but always wanted something more in my life in addition to the technical field. I come from a hard working family of immigrants who've built roots in the US and went from nothing to running a successful business. That implanted in me a drive to run a business of my own, more specifically in the culinary industry, however I opted to chose to study engineering which has done wonders for me! A few years after I graduated, I came to know a few people in the restaurant industry and I took it as sign to give my dream a shot. Countless hours studying, time spent asking questions, and of course so so so much help, is how my first restaurant and business came to be on July 2021. Arth Bar and Kitchen is place where not only do I want to provide a contemporary take on Indian food, but I also want to provide an experience that'll make guests wanting more. From food, drinks, service, ambiance, and much more, I want to make sure that all guests are leaving with a smile on their faces. I think LA is in need for an upscale Indian restaurant experience that doesn't sacrifice on its Desi roots and that vision is brought to you by Arth. I humbly thank all that have helped me make this possible and a sincere thank you to all past and future guests for supporting my business. Here's to continuing to push the Indian food experience into the future!

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